'Beast of the East' boardwalk ...

28th February 2018

Winter has returned with a blast of Arctic chill, labelled "The Beast of the East" by the "redtop" headline writers. If you ignore the minus chill factor and get yourself out and about with your camera, you will be well rewarded. For personal photo projects - such as the one I've posted here taken in Milton Country Park early today - it can be very rewarding, especially if you enjoy landscapes.
On the work front, it's been disruptive. Scheduled visits to construction sites for progress photographs have had to be delayed due to the obvious safety issues. PR shoots scheduled for outdoors have had to be hastily relocated indoors - although one was then re-relocated outdoors as sunny skies shoved the snow "blizzard" aside. The one tip I've been reminded of this week is that despite the abundance of various weather apps out there, no photographer should ever trust them for up-to-the-minute weather forecast. The old-fashioned "predict with your gut feeling and just go for it" is still the most reliable way of ensuring your photography workload gets completed one way or another.